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Ode to a KitchenAid

Only two days ago I sang to my little corner of cyberworld the praises of the KitchenAid stand mixer. It is the busy mother’s right hand. It frees the hands to work and hold babies and correct math problems and give hugs while batters and doughs and dips and spreads are mixed. It is the modern kitchen’s servant, and a valued one at that.
Back to the Hand Grinder
This morning my right hand gave out.

Gone is the dependable mixing of doughs and dips.

Gone is the simple bread kneading.

Gone is the rapid whipping of creams and meringues.

Gone is the 10-minute ice cream.

Gone is the freshly pressed pasta.

Gone is the freshly ground wheat and oat flour.

Gone are the rapidly sliced sweet potato chips and the two minute veggie shreds.

All gone.

Back is the wooden spoon.

Back is the hand-kneaded bread dough.

Back is the whipped cream made with the single remaining beater of the hand mixer.

Back is the 45 minute ice cream.

Back is the hand cranked pasta.

Back is the hand ground wheat.

Back is the slow hand slicing of sweet potatoes and knuckle grating of vegetables.

If I were a poet, I would pen a fitting tribute to this fine family servant, dependable, hard-working, fashionable. But alas, a poet I am not, so I will merely say that we will miss you my friend. Your versatility was unmatched by any other kitchen servant we have ever known, and we shall miss you. I could go on, but my time is needed in the kitchen.

Photo: Elisabeth hand-grinding wheat for today’s second loaf of bread.

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Eat-From-the-Pantry Challenge


The photo upload capabilities of my blogging software have gone the way of my energy–away.  I have a very talented man that can fix these things, but the blogging frenzy of a woman with a mission can wait for no man, not even the near-genius who will have this quirk eliminated about thirty seconds after downing his first cup of java.

December is nearly over.  I over-spent.  Part of me would love to bid farewell to Legos and babydolls and new slippers on Christmas, much as the Voskamp family has done, thus maintaining an even clearer focus and eliminating overspending.  The other part of me, however, loves watching my children thoughtfully plan, budget, sew, shop, wrap, relate the story behind the gift, and delight in the recipient’s joy, all in conjunction with Christ’s birth.  I don’t doubt that God similarly loves watching our delight in receiving The Ultimate Christmas Gift.

Regardless, December once again has seen me exceeding the budget by just a hair…or a hair ball, to be truthful.  Therefore, January is a perfect time to jump on board the Eat-From-the-Pantry Challenge sponsored by Crystal and FishMama.

The premise behind the challenge stems from the wealth of food most of us have stored up which we forget about and eventually toss.  No matter how inexpensively the goods were obtained, tossed food is a waste in more ways than one.  While we buy on sale, stock up, and rotate our supply, it is the latter part, the rotating, that will be heavily exercised this month.

My goal is to spend no more than $250 on groceries for eight people this month, while eating through our supplies.  Why so much?  We eat heavily from fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables. Our garden supplies nothing, and our freezer is not currently loaded with enough produce to get us through the month. While I could rely on our canned supply, I simply do not want to. (Pout, stomp foot.) I should have enough in that budget to buy produce, milk, eggs, and cheese–hey, I’m from Wisconsin, and cheese is its own food group dontchaknow.

This cleansing will allow me a fresh start in February, as well as the chance to scrub out the freezer.  (Thanking God for the ability to scrub a freezer!) It will also free up a bit of the grocery money for debt reduction.

Normally something like this would tempt me to stock up in advance, but the purpose is not to merely succeed in January, but to succeed as wise financial stewards in general all the time. So…no cheating (Stern look, slapping ruler into palm of hand.)

If you wish to join this challenge, hop on board.  I think you’d be surprised how long you can go without really shopping.  Of course, this will require a bit of creativity, some exercise for the ol’ noggin, but we’re all up for that, aren’t we?

Look at that: he’s only halfway through his first cup of joe and he’s got the photo bug fixed already.  Let’s see if I can fix the budget as well as he can fix everything else.   Feel free to hold me accountable! In fact, please do.

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