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The Cost

Consider the Cost!

Consider the Cost!

Men forget.

Out on the golfcourse, wanting to finish that last hole, no time left to vote. Ah, what’s one vote?

Men forget to value their freedom with their actions, their priorities.

Women forget.

Spending money on purses. Shoes. Yet another outfit. A bigger house. Not willing to sacrifice. Demanding more from the government, less from themselves. It’s my right!

Women forget what it means to be an American–hard work, sacrifice, standing on our own two feet and reaching out a personal helping hand to those who cannot.

We forget.

Complaining about circumstances, refusing to sacrifice, ignoring the lessons of history, willingly giving up our freedom, and for what! For a feel-good that hurts.

We forget the cost.

This family will never forget.

We forget.

Friday night. The choices. The temptations. The sin. Living as if He is not here. Crucifying Him with our choices and “making up for it” on Sunday morning.

We forget the cost.

You freely took that heavy cross
when you could have easily left it.
You let them pierce your mighty hands
when you had the power to stop them.
You could have flown at lightning speed
When they challenged you to come down off that tree.
But you never did.
You could have left us all,
Wrote us off as a lost cause,
But you never did.
~Stephen Bautista

Stand strong!

Stand strong!

Throughout the bloody history of our country’s hard-fought freedom, men have given up their lives to give you liberty. Do not spit on their graves by so casually giving it up. Stand up and be counted among the real men and save this country.

Throughout the history of the world, God has preserved for mankind a path of eternal life. Over 160 prophecies made by different men in different eras were all fulfilled through Christ. He lived, He died, He rose, all for you. He would have done it if you were the only sinner on earth. Do not spit on Him by so casually living for yourself and denying Him. Stand up and be counted among the children of God and live for Him.

Freedom. The cost is immeasurable. The gift is priceless.

Value it.

Live it.

Don’t give it up.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

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Fair-Play Economics

Everybody needs to make money. A poor American economy with a high unemployment rate necessitates a creative approach to a healthy income. In other words, you’ve gotta build a better mouse (or pig) trap to bring home the bacon. It’s time to put American ingenuity back to work, but with this caveat: do it ethically.

Here is a great example: Navis is a company specializing in small moving needs. While people are losing homes or downsizing, selling off their excess, and moving on down the road, Navis helps them move their small loads without the high minimum cost normally associated with such an endeavor. They focus on the untapped small moving needs market, providing a service that helps others save money. Kudos!

Here is a terrible example: Our previous favorite ice cream company downsized their product but did not move their price in a similar direction. They wanted consumers to feel good about the fact that their prices remained the same. I, however, felt duped. I didn’t feel good about having a smaller amount of ice cream for my children to pillage from my bowl. I would have preferred that they were honest about their state of affairs, rather than trying to make it appear as if nothing has changed. Too bad for them: they lost our business and our respect as we returned to making our own frozen delectables and occasionally buying a container of generic ice cream big enough for this mob at bulk prices.

You have to play the economic game to get by in America, but you can play it ethically. Look for a way to serve people in this tough time, and help yourself in the process.

Yes, we do sometimes write content for pay, and this is one of those times. Know, dear readers, that Notable Blogger will never knowingly compromise our integrity or Christian views. We believe in what we write, and we, too, are building a better mousetrap.

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I Pledge Allegiance

I pledge allegiance

I pledge allegiance

As we travel through the annals of history with our children, we marvel at the redundancy evident in the pages of our world’s past. Sure there are different leaders, different countries, different battle names, but the general prevailing incidents that have resulted in the people’s loss or willing surrender of their freedoms are eerily similar. The parallels continue in our own country today.

As Americans we live in an era where the true remaining heroes of our nation’s independence are few. Americans have grown spoiled, partly due to the relatively small impact wars have had on the personal lifestyles of most of us. Too many of us have an entitlement mentality, believing it is our right to have a nice house, a nice car or three, food on the table whether we earn it or not, and the rest of the privileges that our forefathers worked hard to achieve. Many Americans, at least the most vocal set, feel that we are also entitled to freedom without sacrifice. Read the rest of this entry »

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