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A Brand New Day


Jesus lives

God’s in control

And it’s good to be alive!

So, rejoice the sun is a-shinin’

Rejoice my spirit is flyin’

Rejoice ’cause I have been given

a brand new day!

~Stephen Bautista

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I must abandon

what I’m accustomed to

I must abandon

a worldy point of view

and then step out on

that small narrow limb

and follow you…

with abandon

~Stephen Bautista

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Why Bautista?

Stephen Bautista

Stephen Bautista

When Stephen produced his Christian contemporary album, Abandon, in Nashville in 2007, he had a decision to make. After decades of having his last name verbally mutilated, was it time for a change? By sending his name into the public music arena, would he hear more Ba-GAZ-i-os and Baaaag-sows then the sensitive musician ear can handle? What was the alternative? Read the rest of this entry »

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Meet Stephen Bautista

From Stephen’s website bio:


In a world where many Christians feel the pressure to put up a perfect front, one man is openly sharing a life story that parallels that of the Biblical prodigal son. This singer/songwriter is on the journey of a lifetime as he seeks to share his unique insights about the Christian walk in the form of his music.

Stephen Bautista recently spent several months traveling to and from Nashville, Tenn., for the production of his debut CD entitled Abandon, a contemporary Christian collection of ten original songs about the journey, struggles, and joys of the common Christian’s walk of faith. Read the rest of this entry »

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Meet the Bagasaos!

Bagasao Family: (back) Emily, Stephen, Christy, Rebecca, Hannah, (front) Elijah, Elisabeth, Marissa

Bagasao Family August 23, 2008

Take a glimpse through my eyes into the world of the Bagasao family.

We are a Christian homeschooling family of eight. Our five daughters are the apple of their daddy’s eye, and our one son is a man in the making! My husband Stephen is a Christian contemporary musician whose Nashville-produced album Abandon launched our music ministry in 2007. I keep busy at home teaching, training, and tending my many blessings. I am also writing an ebook (among other things) to help others halve their grocery budgets as we have done over the years.

Check back often to receive updates on Stephen’s music and my books, hear about our homeschool antics, read about our walk of faith, learn money-saving tactics, and share in the blessings and togetherness of the Bagasao family.

God’s grace be with you!

Christy and family

Photo clockwise from left: Emily, Stephen, Christy, Baby Rebecca, Hannah, Marissa, Elisabeth, Elijah; not shown: our super-sized golden retriever, Jedi

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Stephen Bautista Music
Stephen Bautista Music
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