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It’s Almost Here!

Stephen Bautista

Stephen Bautista

Fans of Stephen Bautista, hold your breath no longer! Stephen’s second Nashville-produced album, A Childlike Faith, is currently in duplication and will be here before month’s end.

And the crowd goes wild!

A Childlike Faith is a call to all Christians to live with a humble, childlike faith while remembering their God-given mission in this life–to gently and humbly spread the Gospel to a hurting world.

Through May 31, Stephen is offering the new CD at a 20% discount as a pre-release special. Because he’s such a swell guy, he’s also giving away a free digital download with each purchase, so you can listen while you wait for the CD. Sweet!

Jump on this deal! The powerful message of A Childlike Faith is something we all need to hear.

I’m not saying this because we want your money so we can buy a smokin’ camera or a playset for the gang. Every dime goes right back into the mission. Every penny is redirected toward “enlightening the lost and encouraging the found.” The mission doesn’t even take us out to lunch. (Stingy mission. Ha ha!)

Take a minute (actually 19 minutes and 48 seconds) to check out the samples at Stephen Bautista’s website.

I leave you with this thought from “You Never Did” on A Childlike Faith.

“you freely took that heavy cross
when you could have easily left it;
you let them pierce your mighty hands
when you had the power to stop it;
you could have flown at lightening speed
when they challenged you to come down off that tree;
but you never did…

you could have left us all
wrote us off as a lost cause
but you never did.

you could have left us all….

He could have left us all. Think about it.

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Notable Blogger’s First Winner

It was like Christmas morning here. After a week of anticipation, finally, it was time to choose the winner of the two Stephen Bautista CDs. Read the rest of this entry »

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Brand New Day

Remember the good ol’ days? Remember Christmas vacation?

Stephen Bautista

Stephen Bautista

Of course you do.

There is nothing like that first day of Christmas vacation–no school, a few extra minutes of sleep, the smell of fresh cookies wafting into the room, and a day of endless joy and leisurely preparation before you.

And then you are hit by the real world.

Wake up!

There is no Christmas vacation in the real world. Diapers need changing, mouths need feeding, the d-o-g still wants to go in and out and in and out and thanks you by throwing up in your shoe, the never-ending pile of laundry needs serious maintenance, and your aches and pains did not get the memo that they should take a long walk off a short pier.

What’s a girl to do in this real world?


the sun is a-shining


my spirit is flying


’cause I have been given

a brand new day

Jesus lives

God’s in control

and it’s good to be alive!



~Stephen Bautista

This is your last day to sign up for the Stephen Bautista CD giveaway! Entries close at midnight Hawaii time. Remember, you get an extra entry for leaving a comment on Stephen Bautista’s site!

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Unexpected Place

Stephen Bautista

Stephen Bautista

They waited for Him for centuries, expecting a king, one of royal blood and royal birth.

What they got was a small baby in a manger.

They thought He would be a great leader, a man of military might and political power, a champion among men.

What they found was a humble carpenter’s son.

They thought He would take a seat among the elders at the gate.

Instead He walked with fishermen and ate with sinners.

They looked for Him among the religious elite, expecting Him to take His place with those whose outward display was by all measures perfect.

They did not find Him there.

They found him

in an unexpected place

among the undesirables

and those who’ve been disgraced;

he said he came

for sinners not for saints

and that they’d find him in

an unexpected place.

~Stephen Bautista

[Stephen Bautista CD giveaway.]

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Slow Down

Stephen Bautista

Stephen Bautista

Three more days to enter to win two Stephen Bautista CDs.

Nine days until Christmas.

Sixteen days until I’m the mother of a teenager.

Forty-six days until my birthday.

Eighty-eight days until my brother’s wedding halfway across the country.

Three hundred seventy-four days until Christmas 2010.

Six thousand and twenty-three days until my baby turns eighteen.

It’s. all. moving. too. fast.

I need to…

Slow down

breathe a sigh

take a load off

clear your mind

kneel down

before his throne

take a little time to

say hello

~Stephen Bautista

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It is difficult not to get caught up in the worldly side of life, the materialistic side of Christmas, the external side of Christianity. Even the most apparently “godly” Christians often seem to base their walk on what they themselves are not doing rather than on what Christ Himself has done. Too many others give lip service to the Lord while following the world. And then there are those of us who are caught in the middle, trying to walk the fine line between legalism and worldliness. It is time to refocus. It is time to trust. It is time to abandon.

I must abandon

what I’m accustomed to

I must abandon

a worldly point of view

and then step out on

that small narrow limb

and follow you

with abandon.

~Stephen Bautista

Four days left to win two Stephen Bautista CDs.

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Notable Blogger’s First Giveaway!

Stephen Bautista

Stephen Bautista

In the spirit of the giving holiday when we celebrate God’s gift of a Savior, Notable Blogger is having our first ever giveaway.

We are giving away two copies of Stephen Bautista’s contemporary Christian CD, Abandon. Both CDs will go to one person, so if you are the winner you will have one to keep and one to give away.  (Or two to give away if you are already a fan and own a CD, or two to keep if you are such a huge fan that you need one to play in the car and one to play in, say, the shower.)  The CDs will arrive either sealed in the original plastic or autographed–your choice.

How do you get one?  You jump through a whole mess of hoops, that’s how!  It’d be a lot easier to visit Stephen Bautista’s site and buy one.  The crazy things we do for free stuff!

There are several ways to enter, but each entry requires you to leave a comment here notifying Notable Blogger that you have successfully maneuvered the obstacle course.

Put your running shoes on, folks!

Good for one entry: leave a comment here.  If you have a CD, share your thoughts about a song, a line, something.  If you do not have a CD, say whatever you want!  (I have been informed that a monkey lurks in my comment department, so if you have any trouble, email me with the subject “Stephen Bautista Rocks” and I’ll enter your comment for you. Ignore the error message–it’s a vicious lie. Comments do not show up immediately, since spammers love Notable Blogger and all first-time commenters are automatically sent to me for approval.)

Good for one entry: leave a comment in the guestbook at Stephen Bautista’s website. The music mission is a lonely road, and its travelers often struggle with their calling. Encouragement goes a long way, my friends, a long way. If you only do one thing, let it be this one.  Let me know you left a comment by leaving yet another comment here. (Hoops, I tell ya’!)

Good for one entry each: spread the word about this contest with a link to Notable Blogger through Twitter, Facebook, your own blog, or one of the many other network systems that are beyond my technical grasp. The irony is that you will get an additional entry for each of your tweets or postings, but you will simultaneously decrease your chances of winning by encouraging others to sign up. Life can be cruel, and so can blog giveaways, which is why I encourage you to just buy your own CD and dispense with the giveaway angst. If you’re still with me, leave comments here about your tweets and postings.  Breathe deeply, rehydrate, we’re almost finished.

Yet another entry:  I do not want anyone to feel compelled to subscribe to my blog, so I am not giving out entries for subscribing.  Subscribers will, however, be alerted to our next giveaway coming up in 2010.  I will give you an entry for becoming a fan of Stephen Bautista on Facebook by clicking on the cool little Facebook widgit in the sidebar to the right. Of course, you still have to come back here and leave a comment saying you did it.  (Are you getting dizzy?  I am!)  If you are already a Facebook fan, let me know.  Not to worry, fans only get occasional updates.  Seriously, the man has six children and is producing a CD–he doesn’t have time for Facebook updates!

I would give you an awesome “button” to post on your own blog, but my gifts lie in changing diapers, braiding hair, and writing lists, not in anything remotely technical, so there is no button.  Sorry!

Entries close on Friday at midnight Hawaii time. The winner will be chosen via names in a hat (I did mention how non-technical I am, didn’t I?) and announced on Saturday morning.  If you leave contact information or we know you, you will be notified; if you leave no contact information, check Notable Blogger where the winner will be posted.  If you let us know immediately whether you want them autographed or not, we can send them out Saturday and you will have them in time for Christmas.

I hope you all win! Actually, that could only happen if only one person entered, so I guess I only wish you could all win. Either way, I hope you have fun and are blessed by spending a few moments listening to Stephen’s music.  The message is powerful!

I have a headache.  What about you?

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