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Bagasao Family: (back) Emily, Stephen, Christy, Rebecca, Hannah, (front) Elijah, Elisabeth, Marissa

Bagasao Family August 23, 2008

Welcome to the Notable Blogger! Come in and visit! Here you will read about the music, writing, and experiences of my homeschooling family of eight. You will see how the Lord works in our lives, how we focus on His grace to carry us, and how we live, laugh, love and learn. Enjoy the notable moments of our walk in Grace!

Those God has given me on my journey:

My husband has set our world to song with his contemporary Christian music. He is a blessing, a real man, and a true Christian. He is all I say he is and more...even when I cannot see it!

My son has set our world to laughter with his boyish exuberance and ready grin. He is our little man, lifting our heavy loads, holding doors for his girls, and loving on his baby. Having a son after four girls has been fun to put it mildly...although potty training has been...different.

My first four daughters are young women in the making, lovely girls with a heart for their Lord and their family...and just about every four-legged creature and baby they see. I love cooking, reading, playing piano and otherwise enjoying life with them. They have started a Prayer Club on the Notable Blogger for the people around the globe who need to learn of God's saving grace. Please feel free to join their prayer club by subscribing to the blog.

Our baby girl is round and sweet, and we cannot cherish her enough! She is a snuggler, and if that doesn't melt away a mama's imagined troubles, I don't know what will! She too is blessed beyond measure to be loved as much as she is and to have as many mamas and daddies as she does! Our hearts ache for the babies of the world that are not loved as she is. If only there were enough arms....

My name is Christy, meaning follower of Christ. I try, I struggle, I fail, I get back up, sometimes only as far as my knees...always in His care and forever under His Grace, forever following my Shepherd. I love to be busy at home. It is my joy! It can try the soul at times, leaving me weary and feeling inadequate, but it is always my joy!

Thank you for visiting! Please leave a note to say you stopped by. I look forward to getting to know you!

Christy and family

Photo clockwise from left: Emily, Stephen, Christy, Baby Rebecca, Hannah, Marissa, Elisabeth, Elijah; not shown: our super-sized golden retriever, Jedi

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